• Jan Bath, Chair
  • Philip Gyug
  • Geoffrey Oliver
  • Serina Penner, Vice Chair
  • Anton Schori
  • Nikko Shankman
Staff Present:
  • Chris Oliver, Senior Planner
  • Carla Eaton, Planner III
  • Natasha Patricelli, Recording Secretary


The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.

This meeting was open to the public. In accordance with COVID-19 protocols, a viewing area that could accommodate three members of the public was available on a first come, first serve basis. This meeting was webcast live and archived on the City's website.

  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the agenda be adopted as presented.

  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the minutes of the Agricultural Advisory Committee meeting held June 2, 2021 in the City of West Kelowna Council Chambers be adopted.


Applicants Agent Ed Grifone and Agrologist Bob Holtby in attendance on behalf of Landstar Development Corporation

Highlights of the presentation from the Planner include:


  • Casa Loma Neighbourhood;
  • A1 Zone - portion within ALR below Campbell Road;
  • Property is currently vacant - orchard adjacent to waterfront;
  • Approximately 7 ha. in size;
  • Located within Development Permit areas;


  • February 2017 - Upper portion of property excluded from ALR and required future development of Campbell Road;
  • March 2017 - OCP and Zoning Amendment Application submitted (Z 17-07) to amend designation to Tourist Commercial (Blackmun Bay);
  • November 2019 - Council denied application and file was closed;
  • September 2020 - New OCP and Zoning Amendment Application to amend designation to Core Centre Multiple Family (150 apartment application) which has since been revised;


  • OCP Amendment to rezone Agricultural above Campbell Road to Low Density Multiple Family;
  • Zoning Amendment:
    • Rezone upland A1 portion to R3 (townhome development);
    • Site specific amendment to A1 Agricultural zone area below Campbell Road for marina access and proposed parking with rooftop greenhouses;
    • Consistent through all applications - Rezone foreshore area to Commercial Water Use (W3) to accommodate 242 slip marina with site specific text amendments to restrict use to 242 slips, identify maximum dock length and restrict boat launch;
  • Upland portion (townhome development), middle section (agricultural use with proposed parking and marina access), lower portion water use zone;
  • Applicant has included conceptual drawings for overall site development including agricultural and marina layout;
  • Proposed uses are conceptual and will require ALR approval through a non-farm use application;
  • If Zoning amendment application proceeds, the non-farm  use application would be brought to AAC for consideration;
  • Focus of presentation is conceptual land uses proposed not detailed locations of structures;

Technical Review

  • Extensive history of technical reports in agenda package;
  • New reports include: Functional Servicing Report, Transportation Review, Engagement Summary and Draft Agrologist Opinion;

Key Considerations

  • Potential operation impacts to future farm operations associated with the proposed land uses within the A1 area;
  • Mitigation strategies or recommendations for Council's consideration;
  • Impacts and mitigation strategies for the R3 and W3 zone on the remaining A1 lands.

Highlights of the presentation by the Applicant Agent and Agrologist include:

  • Ed Grifone with CTQ Consultants became involved with application in 2020;
  • Rescoped application from 500 to 150 homes and after consulting the community and stakeholders have submitted the revised townhouse application;
  • Upper portion removed from ALR  and proposed as multi family residential 45-55 duplex units with a laneway;
  • Lower portion is agricultural land links the upper portion to the marina portion;
  • Marina portion has been previously approved by the Province and meets all requirements;
  • Agricultural portion reinforced to be preserved as agricultural land;
  • Application to further stabilize agricultural opportunity;
  • Proposal to switch orchard to vineyard and possible winery;
  • The proposal will add to the economy and fit in with the Casa Loma neighbourhood;
  • Agricultural portion intent is zoned A1 and will be kept that way;
  • Text amendment is to accommodate parking, winery and small tasting room and allow for link between the marina and development;
  • Pedestrian link opportunity to access the marina - no trailers or vehicles with the exception of emergency vehicles;
  • Non-farm use application speaks to parking that is needed on the property;
  • Allocated 300 sq.m. (approx. 80 parking stalls - 40 for winery/tasting, other 40 for marina) for parking structure and accommodate greenhouses;
  • Townhome units in upper portion will have their own parking (4 spaces per unit);
  • No boat launch facility at the marina;
  • Potential possibility of roadway parking to be reviewed with the City;
  • Parking situated close to road to minimize impact on agricultural land; 
  • Looking for best use of agricultural land - active and viable agriculture farming;
  • Prime piece of agricultural land to have a vineyard;
  • Significant public consultation - right conditions of use and management to ensure operation carries on. Client will lease out the agricultural land to a farmer. 

Questions on the presentation:

  • What is anticipated impact sq. ft. on agricultural land? Level of detail has not been reviewed yet. Will come forward with the non-farm use application;
  • Is the current orchard failing? It's old and desperately needs renovation. Previously known for peaches and apricots;
  • Greenhouses intention to grow for farmgate uses? Land used for grapes? Yes that is correct;
  • No plan for greenhouse sales yet? Intent is to bring in a farmer to do well. Demand for local food production. In BC ALR legislation - winery operator can compliment with other lands to support the winery. Hope is for operator with other lands to build something incredible;
  • Parking structure on Agricultural land? Structured parking creates a smaller footprint than surface parking. Opportunity and need for parking is still there;
  • Greenhouses could be leased to someone possibly different from the person leasing the land for vineyards? Correct. No-net loss agricultural. Putting more land into production than taking out;
  • Recreational vs Commercial water use - how much of it is on the land? None of it is on the land as water use zone is above the bed of Okanagan Lake and does not extend to the land. Only connection will be the bridge which is purposely elevated. The walkway will join houses to the marina and the boat launch use is being restricted;
  • What is the white pathway in the photo indicating? An emergency access. The walkway will join townhouse development to the marina. It will bring together agri-tourism and the marina;
  • With that kind of access, what is to prevent people from walking through the farmland? Details determined through ALC application but could include comments from previous application such as fencing, etc.;
  • Concern that farm could be developed further than proposed. How much of farmland will be preserved? ALR non-farm application use would include conditions. Development proposal to keep agricultural land in the ALR. Greenhouses are farm use;
  • Would the fill become part of the farmland? Yes, the fill area will become part of the farmable area below the greenhouse;
  • Point of Clarification: Intention different from previously application which was a CD zone. Current application includes possible subdivision of upper residential townhouse portion separated from agricultural and water use zone;
  • Is there coverage rules for ALR - 5%? No, legislation was amended and now determined on a case-by-case by ALC. Production on the parcel should be relative to the parcel. 

Highlights of the discussion include:

  • Creative solution;
  • Innovative idea to have greenhouses above land used for parking;
  • Greenhouses can be more productive, especially for food production;
  • Concern with foot traffic access through farmland. Functioning farm does not want people walking through the vineyard;
  • R3 zone makes sense, upper portion already excluded from the ALR;
  • Water portion does not impact agricultural viability;
  • Maintaining this piece as agricultural is important;
  • This application is better than previous designs;
  • Appreciate developers intensions - following guidelines and developer is maintaining integrity of agricultural piece of land;
  • Recommendation to look at the property as separate portions - upper/lower property. The ALC 5% should be only on the downhill parcel;
  • 15 year lease is too short for a farmer, need to incentivize.
  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the Agricultural Advisory Committee recommend support for file Z 20-08, OCP and Zoning Amendment, 2211 Campbell Road.


The meeting adjourned at 5:59 p.m.

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