• Jan Bath, Chair
  • Geoffrey Oliver
  • Anton Schori
  • Nikko Shankman
  • Philip Gyug
  • Serina Penner, Vice Chair
Staff Present:
  • Chris Oliver, Senior Planner
  • Sara Skabowski, Planning Student
  • Hailey Rilkoff, Planner II
  • Natasha Patricelli, Recording Secretary


The meeting was called to order at 4:59 p.m.

In accordance with the most recent Provincial Health Officer Order regarding gatherings and events, the public was not permitted to attend the Agricultural Advisory Committee meeting in-person.  As an open meeting, it was webcast live and archived on the City's website.

  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the agenda be adopted as presented.

  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the minutes of the Agricultural Advisory Committee meeting held May 5, 2021 in the City of West Kelowna Council Chambers be adopted.


Highlights of the presentation include:

Subject Property

  • Large vacant agricultural property with 4.3 acres vineyard planted in Spring 2020;
  • Located in the Goats Peak/Gellatly neighbourhood;
  • Land Use Designation: Agricultural;
  • Zoning: A1 - Agricultural;
  • Located within Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR);
  • Surrounding land uses include:
    • North: Agricultural;
    • South: Goats Peak CDP Rural Residential;
    • West: Timber Processing and Service Commercial and future Rural Residential Medium Parcel (RU3);
  • Over 17 acres (7 ha);
  • 4.5 acres vineyard anticipated to be planted in 2021;

Previous Application

  • Original application received May 2020 for Non-Farm Use application and DVP for height variance - designed as lighthouse;
  • AAC supported the file at the June 4, 2020 meeting;
  • Council postponed issuance of DVP 20-08 and supported Non-Farm Use for winery at the October 13, 2020 meeting;
  • Non-Farm Use application A 20-01 currently still under review by ALC;
  • Council recommended further public consultation and more detailed design of the lighthouse;

DVP Revised Proposal

  • Revised proposal variance to increase height from 15m to 35.05m for a tasting facility;

Applicant Rationale

  • Designed to maximize vineyard planting;
  • Building design is a modern take on Tuscan towers with look-out pods;
  • 4.3 acres vineyard planted in 2020 with 4.5 acres coming in 2021;
  • Visual Impact Assessment showed renderings of viewpoints;

Policy& Bylaw Review

  • OCP Review - protects and enhances agriculture while supporting economically sound community;
  • Agricultural Plan - encourages efforts to increase economic activity of the agricultural industry;
  • Zoning Review - A1 Zone permits winery however maximum building height of 15m;
  • All other setting regulations are met by this revised proposal;
  • ALR Policy - lot coverage limit of 5% and proposed lot coverage is approximately 3.7%;

No new referral comments have been received at this time;

Key Considerations

  • Height of 35m is double maximum permitted height in any zone;
  • Could be the tallest building in West Kelowna;
  • Detailed design drawings included as requested by Council;
  • Meets all other development and siting regulations.

Questions on the presentation:

  • This application is only for the height variance? Yes, that is correct;
  • Spoken with or comments received from cherry farm to the South? No correspondence received from the adjacent property. Re-notification will be sent prior to the application going to Council;
  • Production area decreased from 6,000 sq. ft. to 1,500 sq. ft. Is there a reduction in the size of production and winery? Building footprint reduced to maximize more vineyard planting and more room for grape production;
  • City has established guidelines - when should we give variance? Staff and Council take into account different considerations when variance applications are before Council;
  • Are there any hardships that this variance is allowing for? The maximum height through the Zoning Bylaw could be met by having a shorter building;
  • Tallest building on agricultural land? If the application is approved this would be the tallest building in West Kelowna. Current height restriction for non-barn buildings in the A1 zone is 15m;

Highlights of the discussion include:

  • Concern with potential height conflict and impact of helicopters flying at the adjacent cherry farm;
  • Regulations are there and exist for a reason; Floor plan reduced due to scale however the same overall square footage could be met within height restrictions;
  • Location at the top of the hill - do not need to go higher to achieve a view;
  • Height of structure doesn't affect agriculture with the exception of the impact for helicopters;
  • Design preferred over lighthouse;
  • Appreciate unique building;
  • Supportive of application from an agricultural standpoint;
  • Agricultural impact is low;
  • Original application supported by previous AAC;
  • Statement building that will attract visitors to this and other vineyards;
  • From an observation perspective, could still meet the highest vantage point within restrictions.
  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the AAC not support DVP 20-08, 2789 Highway 97 South, Goats Peak Winery.

    DEFEATED; Members Schori and Bath opposed

  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the AAC recommend support for DVP 20-08, 2789 Highway 97 South, Goats Peak Winery.

    CARRIED; Member Shankman opposed

The meeting adjourned at 5:31 p.m.