• Jan Bath, Chair
  • Philip Gyug
  • Geoffrey Oliver
  • Serina Penner, Vice Chair
  • Anton Schori
  • Nikko Shankman
Staff Present:
  • Chris Oliver, Senior Planner
  • Natasha Patricelli, Recording Secretary
  • Sara Skabowski, Planning Student
  • Hailey Rilkoff, Planner II (via Teams)
Others Present:
  • Shannon Tartaglia, Applicant (via Teams)


The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.

In accordance with the most recent Provincial Health Officer Order regarding gatherings and events, the public was not permitted to attend the Agricultural Advisory Committee meeting in person.  As an open meeting, it was webcast live and archived on the City's website.

  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the agenda be adopted as amended.

  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the minutes of the Agricultural Advisory Committee meeting held April 7, 2021 in the City of West Kelowna Council Chambers be adopted.


Highlights of the presentation include:

Applicant Shannon Tartaglia joined the meeting via Teams

Property Details

  • Located in the Boucherie Centre neighbourhood;
  • Institutional land use designation;
  • Current Zoning: P2 - Institutional and Assembly Zone;
  • Adjacent land uses include: residential, commercial, institutional and parks;
  • Portion of the property is within the ALR;
  • Property is 19.5 acres;
  • Currently Hudson Road Elementary School;
  • Used by School District for over 40 years;
  • School buildings, parking and sports fields located within ALR;

Application History

  • 2018 exclusion application supported by Council however ALC did not approve exclusion;
  • ALC did support non-farm use request for additional portables for student growth;


  • Early Learning Program Facility;
  • Total development footprint of 1,562 m2;
  • Requires approximately 1,600 m2 of imported fill;
  • Approximately 2% of the area of subject property;
  • 500 m2 facility run by the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club;
  • 92 new child care spaces (30 existing spaces provided in the school);
  • Currently undeveloped grassy portion of the property;
  • SD23 has applied for Provincial Funding for the facility;

Policy & Bylaw Review

  • Official Community Plan: Institutional Land Use Designation supports learning, schools and institutional uses; speaks to healthy child development;
  • Agricultural Plan: Does not speak to ALR lands with existing institutional uses on them; Speaks to protection of agricultural land;
  • ALC Act: Grants permission for Non-Farm Use applications which must be authorized by resolution of Local Government;
  • Zoning Bylaw: P2 - Institutional and Assembly Zone permits education facility and care facility as principal uses; meets all zoning bylaw regulations regarding parcel coverage, building height and site regulations;
  • Child Care Planning and Needs Assessment: Regional Needs Assessment identified community approach to improve child care; Annual space creation target is 306 spaces over the next ten years;

Key Considerations

  • Property used as a school site for over 40 years;
  • Institutional designation within the OCP and zoned for Institutional uses;
  • ALC previously approved non-farm uses to expand education uses on the property;
  • Proposed facility would supply needed child care spaces to meet identified targets.

Questions on the presentation include:

  • Zoned and designated future land use based on its current use? Yes;
  • Not submitting an exclusion application because it was turned down previously? Yes, application for exclusion in 2018 which was not approved;
  • How much potential agricultural land (not including slope) would the building and parking lot occupy? Approximately less than 25% taken out of potential farm land. This portion of the property has the best access and requires less grading;
  • Are there any Agricultural benefits for this application? Agriculture not viable for this property. School District needs to maintain fields for educational mandate. ALC wants to see non-farm use applications annually. Application has answered all questions that were asked for the non-farm use application.

Highlights of the discussion include:

  • Encourage inclusion of any agricultural benefit on future applications;
  • Desire to preserve ALR land and potential of farming in the future;
  • Supportive of child care facility however concern with using ALR land.
  • It was moved and seconded

    Resolution No.

    THAT the AAC support file A 21-04, ALR Non-Farm Use Application, 1221 Hudson Road.

    CARRIED; Member Shankman opposed


Philip Gyug has accepted a 7 month term position with the Ministry of Agriculture. Philip has transitioned to a non-voting member to participate as a representative from the Ministry of Agriculture with the Agricultural Advisory Committee. After the term is complete he will return to his role as a voting member.

The meeting adjourned at 5:23 p.m.